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The Windshield Ding
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Author:  1/4 Pole [ Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:07 pm ]
Post subject:  The Windshield Ding

A few years back when she was still working the bride caught a pebble into the lower right of her windshield of the Chrysler 200 sedan on the Belt Parkway. She had the ding professionally repaired and it was no big deal.

Last Friday she was driving me to the Northport VA Medical Center. I needed a driver since I was going to be under anesthesia after being piped down the throat and scoped up the ass by some MD gastro people. I didn't want to be admitted - I had to be home that evening to feed the outside cats. And I wanted to be in my own bed that night with the momcat Mister Mittens.

Going north on the Sunken Meadow Parkway to Northport the left side of the windshield took a "pop". It's two lanes and maybe 150 or 200 yards out front was a mini-school bus and a car. It's tough to think that a kicked-up pebble could go that far to smack the windshield but I suppose it's possible. The teen bride thinks somebody shot a BB at the car while I figured it was a micro-meteorite that was flying around the galaxy for a few billion years.

We tossed Nationwide after more than 35 years of insurance coverage for the house and cars when we had more than one car. We had diddly-zero for claims and our premiums kept reaching the clouds as we got older. We went to Geico for the car and caught great relief with the insurance payments. The bright busty teen bride on Social Security purchased glass coverage for a small premium with no deductible. The ding was dime-sized in the line of sight of the driver and apt to get bigger. Our son wrecked the last vehicle I owned and the Chrysler belongs to the wife. She called Geico to make a claim. Geico sent over a Safelite van and a good man to replace the windshield this morning. My teen bride getting up to 64 years of age had coffee for the man and a twenty for him when his work was done. That girl is tough stuff to get along with.

The major lesson here is that complacency with an insurance company may not be the best way to go. There is competition out there and saving some dollars in New York with the astronomical taxation looms large.

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